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Want to Talk? Call Us now:

040 4855 0096

Want to Talk? Call Us now:

040 4855 0096

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Want to Talk? Call Us now:
040 4855 0096
Terms & Conditions
● 	Renter needs to pay an amount equal to 1 month rental charge as “Security Deposit” for each equipment on the execution of the agreement.
● 	Equiphunt will dispatch and commission the equipment to renter only on receipt of the Security Deposit.
● 	Security Deposit shall not carry any deduction and will be refunded at the time of decommissioning of the equipment after adjusting pending hire charges if any and/or any other dues payable by renter.
● 	Transportation Charges: Renter needs to bear the transportation charges of one  	side or two side depending on duration along with the advance.
●     Equipment Usage: Equipment will operate for 8hrs daily. Monthly operating hours should not exceed more than 240 hrs.
● 	Additional Charges: Toll Plaza and any extra rates will be borne by renter
● 	Food and Accommodation: Food and accommodation charges for operator will be borne by Renter
● 	Maintenance: Maintenance will be provided for 2 times in a month. Maintenance days will be decided mutually by renter and equipment owner. Maintenance day schedule can be changed depending on mutual consent from renter as well as equipment owner.
● 	The work contract period shall commence on the day the equipment reaches job site and shall ends upon disengagement of equipment from site.
● 	Payment: Renter needs to do payment at the end of every month. Reconciliation of excess work hours will be done at the end of every month/termination of contract whichever is earlier and payment need to be made by renter accordingly as per invoice raised by Equiphunt. Payment need to be processed within 10 days from the date of invoice is raised.
● 	Site Supervision, Operation & Maintenance Crew: We will provide experienced Operators along with each equipment. Renter shall also provide site in charge for supervision. Site in charge should be present all the time while work is going on.
●     Supply of Fuel & Consumption: Renter shall provide the fuel for the equipment operation. Fuel cost will be borne by renter completely.
●   Renter needs to confirm quotation within 24 hrs once the quotation is sent. Same price quotation might not be valid if renter confirms quotation after 24 hrs of sending the quotation.
●    Equipment unloading: Unloading of equipment from trailer is renter’s responsibility. Arrangement of labor, crane etc. is renter’s responsibility. Cost for the same will be borne by renter.
●     Possession: The equipment will be in the possession of renter up to the specified period of rent provided payment terms are complied with by the renter/user. Renter shall be solely responsible for safety and security of the equipment and its components at hirer’s site.
●     Log Sheet Maintenance: Equiphunt will provide log sheet to renter/ site engineer. It’s renter/site engineer responsibility to update log sheet daily.

Farana Crane

A Franna is a 'pick and carry' crane which is similar to a mobile crane in that is designed to travel on public roads, however Pick and Carry cranes have no stabilizer legs or outriggers and are designed to lift the load and carry it to its destination, within a small radius, then be able to drive to the next job.

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